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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Doctor Who Affair to Remember, Andover, MA

Amber and Shane were so creative with this one!  First of all, they share a love of all things Doctor Who, so they actually had sonic screwdrivers that they each carried for much of the day- so cool.  Second, the bride MADE her dress!  That gorgeous, intricate, knit cover to her dress was lovingly made by her own two hands- so impressive! Third, the groom made their robot cake toppers- I could go on and on.  There were so many creative and personal touches all over their day- it really made for an intimate experience for all who attended.  It was a beautiful and fun Fall day for a beautiful and fun couple!  Best wishes you two!

How has it been so long?!

You in the world have we let so much time go by between blog posts?!  Man, you have ONE new baby, and it just throws off your whole schedule!  ;)  Seth and I managed to keep up with our shooting, albeit a lighter schedule, but somehow managed to completely neglect updating our blog with our new work.  For this, I apologize.  Now that the "new" baby is almost 20 months old (yikes!) I am finally getting back into the swing of things.  Stay tuned for some new blog posts in the next few days showcasing some of our favorite work from the time we've been "away."  Now if I could just get this baby to start sleeping...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jennifer and Andrew's Wedding, Private Residence, Pembroke, NH

Sometimes you just hit it off with a couple from the get go.  Jen and Andrew were totally one of those cases.  We made plans to meet with them at a Starbucks in NH (one that we had never been to before) and upon arrival we learned that this particular location was inside the local Target.  So, there we sat with them, laughing and joking and learning all about their wonderful wedding plans, with the sound of the checkout and "Attention Target shoppers" in the background.  :)  These two created a beautiful wedding celebration for themselves.  After some venue changes out of their control they ended up having the wedding in Andrew's parents' gorgeous backyard- an absolute testament to "Everything Happens for a Reason" in my opinion.  The venue was perfect, and the weather was GORGEOUS- a picture perfect early Fall day for a wonderful and FUN couple!  Here are some of our favorites from the fabulous wedding day of Jen and Andrew: